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“Demonstrating values beyond product sets the [Skullcandy] brand apart in a sea of competitors, which in turn makes for a unique, distinguishable brand identity.”

About School Speciality

Founded in 2003 and based in Park City, Utah, Skullcandy develops, manufactures, and markets true wireless, wireless, and wired headphones.  Skullcandy is a market share leader in providing affordable, high-quality audio products and focuses on developing bold and creative designs.

As a private company, management and Mill Road have worked together to divest unrelated operations, streamline the cost structure, enhance digital capabilities and return the company to its original roots as an edgy, style-oriented brand with a broad colorful assortment and music focused marketing.

Progressive Method

Mill Road acquired publicly-traded Skullcandy using its differentiated progressive private equity investing process.  Mill Road’s public shareholdings grew progressively as its diligence increasingly revealed the strategic value of owning more shares prior to making a bid to acquire the company.  Mill Road’s large shareholding gave it an economic and voting advantage over other bidders that proved conclusive in acquiring the company.

Progressive Values

As owners, Mill Road has worked with management to build a more inclusive company that partners with non-profits that support the values of our community.  Senior management which was once all-male is now almost 50 percent female.  Skullcandy’s community partners include “Protect Our Winters” which empowers people to protect the places they love from climate change  and “To Write Love on Her Arms” which is dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with mental health issues. 

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