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Mr. Lynch founded Mill Road Capital Management in 2004. 
He is responsible for overall management of the Firm and oversees the investment process and portfolio management for all Mill Road Capital Funds... ( More ) 

Mr. Jacobs joined Mill Road in September 2005, prior to the formation of Fund I. Mr. Jacobs previously worked at LiveWire Capital, an investment and management group focused on operationally-intensive buyout... ( More ) 

Mr. Yanagi is the founder and head of Mill Road Capital’s San Francisco office. He originally joined the firm in 2008 as an Associate and returned in 2014 following his graduation from business school... ( More )

Mr. White joined Mill Road in December 2020. Mr. White is a transformational leader and former Chairman and CEO at Jamba with 20 years of Board experience on 16 Boards. He has chaired 6 company Boards, and currently... ( More ) 

Mr. Petito joined Mill Road Capital in 2014 and is responsible for origination and execution of private equity transactions as well as portfolio company monitoring and management. He also leads new idea generation and investment due.... ( More ) 

Ms. Heberle joined Mill Road in 2010 and has day-to-day responsibilities for the Firm’s public market operations. In this capacity, Ms. Heberle manages the front end of.... ( More ) 

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