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Founded in 2004, Mill Road Capital has developed an innovative investment product with a creative approach to driving value creation by bringing private equity governance to small public companies.




Mill Road brings private equity skills to small public companies. Its funds have a private equity fund structure and can invest in publicly traded equity and debt, provide primary capital of any type to support growth or help companies deleverage, and partner with management to take companies private.  As market conditions change, Mill Road is able to shift its focus to the investment type it believes is most attractively valued.


Primary Investment Type

Public Equity w/ PE Governance: Build large block positions to
help unlock value through collaborative engagement

Structured Investments: Provide small public companies with
access to primary capital using creative structures

Mill Road Capital III

Mill Road Capital II

Mill Road Capital I

Take-Privates: Built public equity positions primarily as a pathway to taking companies private

The Primary Investment Types listed are not a comprehensive list of the types of investments that the Funds can or have invested in.



Distinctive private equity approach that allows for lengthy due diligence and for the size of an
investment to scale progressively with our understanding of the target company and its competitive positioning.

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Our core team is composed of former Blackstone and KKR professionals with an average tenure of 15 years at Mill Road.


Mill Road seeks to invest in high quality companies that are misunderstood and mispriced by the public markets. Our long-term, committed capital enables Mill Road to support management's focus on long-term value creation.


Mill Road Capital Management LLC

334 Pemberwick Road, 2nd Floor (Physical Address)

328 Pemberwick Road (Mailing Address)

Greenwich, CT 06831


Phone: (203) 987-3500

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