“Swiss Water® Process is proudly chemical free. And because we keep methylene chloride and ethyl acetate out of our facility, we keep it out of the supply chain and out of coffee.”

- Swiss Water Sustainability Report

About Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee, Inc.


Founded in 1988 and based in British Columbia, Canada, Swiss Water is the only chemical-free coffee decaffeinator in North America. Swiss Water went public in 2002 as an “income trust,” and has over three decades of experience producing chemical-free decaf coffee with its proprietary water-based decaffeination process. Swiss Water is now widely recognized as the premium brand name in coffee decaffeination.


Mill Road has worked with Swiss Water to identify and appoint new board members and ensure the that the company has adequate capital to construct the new manufacturing facilities needed to support rapid growth in its business.


Progressive Method


​Mill Road first met Swiss Water management in 2013 and progressively built a public equity position beginning in 2015. With a deep understanding of the company and a long-term relationship with management, Mill Road was uniquely well-positioned to provide Swiss Water the structured investment that was needed to expand production capacity.


Progressive Values


Swiss Water avoids the use of dangerous chemicals, such as methylene chloride, which are used in conventional chemical decaffeination. Swiss Water believes in sustainable, healthy living, and offers coffee that is certified organic and meets numerous third-party health, social and sustainable standards. These standards include: (i) Fairtrade, (ii) Kosher, (iii) Halal, (iv), Rainforest Alliance, (v) UTZ and (vi) 4C.

Year of Investment

Investment Status