Affiliations support the Mill Road Progressive Governance Fund by providing access to
high-quality networks of diverse, board-ready directors.

Stanford Women on Boards (SWB) is committed to increasing the representation of Stanford-affiliated female leaders on corporate and fiduciary boards, increasing Stanford women’s readiness for board service, and further developing the capabilities and influence of Stanford women already on boards. SWB helps companies find the best talent to build high performing diverse boards and forms collaborations to advance thought leadership on women in the boardroom.


Thirty Percent Coalition is the Coalition for U.S board diversity® and has a network of national and internationalmembers who work to increase diversity in corporate boardrooms across the US. The Coalition is recognized as a national leader and is called upon by public officials for insight and guidance on advancing gender and racial diversity in the corporate boardroom.


WomenExecs on Boards (WEoB) is a global network of hundreds of women executives in over 25 countries. WEoB’s mission is to position women qualified through Harvard Business School’s corporate governance programs to serve on corporate boards through networking, support, and education. Founded in 2018, WEoB members serve on nearly 500 Boards globally. The membership group strives to help organizations achieve a competitive advantage through gender diversity and equality which fosters stronger corporate governance and bottom-line results.