“Growing trees for reforestation is a critical part of making the world a sustainable place…[PRT] is a company founded on good science, good practice and good ethics.”
- Rob Miller, CEO PRT

About PRT Growing Services


Founded in 1987 and based in Victoria, British Columbia, PRT is North America’s largest producer of container-grown forest seedlings. Forest seedlings are young trees used to replant forests after timber is either harvested or destroyed by natural forces. When Mill Road sold the business in August 2018, PRT was producing over 220 million forest seedlings annually.


As a private company, management and Mill Road worked together to further grow the company by expanding into new geographies, making key acquisitions, working together to improve profitability and divesting non-core assets.


Progressive Method


​Mill Road acquired publicly-traded PRT using its differentiated progressive private equity investing process. Mill Road began evaluating PRT as a public investment in 2011 and was well positioned to act quickly when PRT began a sale process in 2012. Mill Road had prior experience completing a Canadian take-private, and leveraged that experience by partnering with an industry leader and long-time Mill Road relationship to complete the transaction.


Progressive Values


​PRT has a history of leadership in North American forest sustainability and replenishment. Over the past 30 years, PRT has grown over 4 billion trees in North America that have helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight the effects of global warming. During the six years of Mill Road ownership, PRT planted over 1.1 billion trees. At maturity, the trees planted by PRT every year absorb 48 billion pounds of greenhouse gases, which is equal to the total emissions from all of the Chrysler/Fiat car sold in one year.

Year of Investment

Investment Status