"Our mission as a company has always been to nourish and inspire every guest, team member and community we serve, and to better do that we had to invest in our core values…to help Noodles become the best place to work in the industry.”
- Dave Boenninghausen, CEO Noodles & Company

About Noodles & Company


​Founded in 1995, Noodles & Company is a fast-casual restaurant serving noodles-based cuisine in approximately 450 owned and franchised locations. Noodles has restaurants in more than 30 states, with core markets in Colorado and the Midwest. Noodles uses high-quality ingredients and a cook-to-order service model to produce a distinctive, internationally-inspired menu.

Progressive Method

​Mill Road first met with Noodles in 2010 and progressively built its understanding of the company after its 2013 IPO. Seven years of diligence uniquely positioned Mill Road to identify a balance sheet risk prior to the company disclosure. Mill Road approached Noodles with a capital solution, signed an NDA and finalized a quick and simple investment in the company.

Progressive Values

Noodle’s sources its ingredients with a focus on sustainable, humane animal farming and has a menu that introduces its customers to healthful cauliflower and zucchini-based noodles. Employees receive benefits such as generous paid time off, scholarships and student loan assistance, free English or Spanish language courses and parental leave. The company was named as one of the Best Places to Work by the Denver Business Journal.

The Noodles & Company Foundation Giving Fund has provided nearly $350,000 to team members in need and the Scholarship Fund has provided more than $450,000 to further team member’s education goals.

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